Cool Honda Pilot Gas Type References

Cool Honda Pilot Gas Type References. 19.5 gallons *based on 45% highway, 55% city driving, 15,000 annual miles and current fuel. Refueling from a portable fuel container if you need to refuel your vehicle from a portable fuel container, use the funnel.

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Honda engines are designed for good performance and efficient operation using gasoline containing from 0 to 10% ethanol. Fuel economy of the 2022 honda pilot. Check the gas tank size for honda pilot from 2003 to 2022 production years.

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Honda recommends top tier detergent gasoline where available. Use of unleaded gasoline of 87 octane or higher is recommended. • wipe up spills immediately.

We Offer Data On 2009 Pilot Ii, 2016 Pilot Iii, 2020 Pilot Iii (Facelift 2019), And Other Cars.

Gas tank size (metric) 73.8 liters. Fuel economy ratings are fairly similar, with the highlander standing above the. 2018 honda pilot gas type.

Fuel Tank Capacity In Gallons And Litres.

Primarily aimed at the north american market, the pilot is the largest suv. Check the gas tank size for honda pilot from 2003 to 2022 production years. On a full tank of fuel, the 2022 honda pilot has a maximum range in the city between 370 and 390 miles depending on the.

Cost To Fill The Tank:

Select the year you are interested in from the list. Explore the 2022 honda pilot midsize suv with seating for up to 7 or 8 passengers, awd system, and powerful towing capacity so you can take the road with confidence. Get complete information on honda pilot gas tank sizes.

E85 Is An Alternative Fuel.

1984 to present buyer's guide to fuel efficient cars and trucks. Estimates of gas mileage, greenhouse gas emissions, safety ratings, and air pollution. Honda recommends using gas that has87 octane or higher and is considered to be top tier detergent gasoline for the 2021 honda.

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